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Online Sessions

Existing Pilates class and private clients to Alison King who have not already been contacted about joining a specific on-line class may enter directly in to an on-line group matwork class as recommended and agreed by Alison and subject to availability. On line-classes last 50 mins, run as courses of approximately 6 weeks and Cost £6 per class. Courses need to be paid for in full by bank transfer and prior to the start of the course in order that an email invitation can be generated. Please email Alison to enquire about availability. On-line One to One sessions can also be booked and cost £30 for 45 mins.

New participants to Alison King on-line classes need to first book a 1 hour Initial Assessment/Pilates orientation session costing £40 payable by bank transfer in advance of the session.  After this session they may join a class recommended by Alison at the appropriate level. Please email Alison to book this.

For all on-line classes and 1-1 sessions here is what you will need:

A lap top, mobile device or tablet that has wifi.  A mat, towel or blanket and any blocks or stools you need for seated work. You will also need to provide an email address.


After you have booked and paid for a class or 1-1 session Alison will then email you a link to the class/session to join. Make sure you log in following the Join Meeting link 5 mins before the class is due to start and position your camera for the teacher to see you in full. Set your camera, sound and microphone ON on your device. You can always mute your own sound during the class if you are concerned about background noise.

Private Sessions

Pilates Initial Assessment – one to one £60

Clients who are new to me and/or new to the Pilates method will need to book a private Pilates Initial Assessment first.

This session includes a Health and Activity Questionnaire, an Extrinsic Postural Analysis plus an introduction to the Stott Pilates 5 Basic Body Awareness Principles.


Private Pilates Sessions on the Mat or the Reformer £60 for 1 hour or £45 for 45mins

Following a Pilates initial assessment these sessions can either involve pure Matwork or Pilates on the Reformer. Other small equipment such as balls, bands, Foam Rollers etc are often incorporated in to these sessions to assist in making appropriate modifications to either provide support or to further challenge the participant.


The Reformer glides forward & backward on rollers and uses springs for variable resistance for a wide variety of exercises and positions. This resistance can be used to improve strength and control or to provide a level of assistance that allows you to attempt movements and positions that would otherwise be impossible. The Reformer can be used by both new and experienced Pilates participants, those rehabbing from injury or training for a sport.

Matwork Classes

Matwork classes £12 per class booked and paid for in advance - usually in blocks of 6


Pilates is a progressive journey and my classes are graded as follows;


  • Foundation Level:

An ideal introduction to Pilates incorporating the basic body awareness principles. Also suitable as a maintenance class for those who like to work at a steadier pace.


  • Intermediate Level:

This session works at a quicker pace for a more dynamic workout. A good basic knowledge of Pilates is required


  • Advanced Level:

This session includes exercises from the Advanced Pilates repertoire and it can take years of practice to master some of these exercises.

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