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Pilates for Horse Riders

As a keen horse rider and Eventer I also teach Pilates to fellow riders and riding instructors

In November 2015 I decided to combine my passion for Pilates and its link to helping improve horse rider position, influence and effectiveness still further by training to be an Equipilates Biomechanics Trainer.


In 2016 I further enhanced my training to become an Advanced Equipilates™ Biomechanics Trainer and now offer rider assessments both on and off the horse.

Please note Studio or Arena Hire if applicable is not included in the following prices

The Benefits of Equipilates

Working with, and riding horses comes with risks. Most people have sustained at least one injury whether it is from a fall, being trodden on or straining to lift a wheelbarrow. Riders have a tendency to carry on through pain or discomfort – mostly putting our horses first and spending money on their physio as opposed to ours.


Regular Pilates can help to rebalance the body and in many cases relieve the stress of back pain or other joint pain caused by compensating poor posture. Whether a competitive rider or a happy hacker, having improved body awareness can only make for a happier partnership between horse and rider.

Equipilates   Dismounted Sessions

Equipilates dismounted sessions can help you improve

  • symmetry in the saddle

  • shock absorption

  • Alignment, Breathing and Core stability (ABC)


One to One Equipilates Initial Assessment (Dismounted) - £70 for 1 1/2hrs

  • Postural Analysis

  • Intrinsic Biomechanics screen

  • Progressive, corrective exercises for muscle release, mobility and core engagement

  • ABC awareness work on a wooden saddle horse using your own saddle

Follow up sessions - £50 for 1 hour


Group Equipilates Fundamentals Course (Dismounted) - £72 per person (6 people max).

These courses run for 6 weeks and include:

  • Progressive, corrective exercises for muscle release, mobility and core engagement

  • ABC awareness work on a wooden saddle horse using your own saddle

  • Techniques and exercises from other bodywork modalities which are effective in improving your riding.


Equipilates   Mounted Sessions  

These sessions can further help you develop the Alignment, Breath and Core Awareness techniques you have learned off the horse whilst riding your own horse.


One to One Equipilates Mounted Sessions - £50 for 1 hour

These sessions take place at a venue of your choice. (Please note arena hire, if applicable, is not included)

  • You will be given a Visualise Jacket to wear during the session which clearly shows any rider imbalances, shifts and twists. Ultimately this will assist you in finding and feeling the optimal position for shock absorption and allow you to give clearer aids, thus avoiding misinformation between you and your horse.

  • Breathing techniques will be incorporated to not only release tension in both rider and horse but also to assist with releasing the hips and improving lower back mobility.

  • Awareness, activation and timely release of riding-specific core muscles will be practiced.


At the end of each session you will be provided with a Feedback Sheet summarising the main areas worked on, the cues which helped you most plus exercise suggestions for off the horse.



“The overall experience has been a complete 'eye opener' for me. Having never really spent any time assessing my own riding posture and how this affects the horse’s way of going it has been a very valuable experience”.


“Altering my position by keeping my pelvis neutral and my ‘boxes stacked’ has been great. It has altered my weight in the saddle and allows my back to be more comfortable which I am sure has made the horses more comfortable too.


Keeping my weight even in both seat bones has been harder but the exercises we tried in the second session helped a lot. I will be continuing with this especially on lateral work and imagining it when I can't let go through my hips!  My left elbow is going to take longer to control!”

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