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Alison King Terms & Conditions

  • All new clients are required to complete a Health Conditions Questionnaire. It is recommended that you consult a medical professional if you have any doubts about your readiness to embark on an exercise programme.

  • Existing clients are required to inform Alison King if they incur injuries or there are any changes in their health conditions, after the initial information stated on their health questionnaire. From time to time Alison King may ask you to complete an up to date questionnaire.

  • Pilates classes are designed to improve muscle tone and strength, balance, co-ordination, endurance and flexibility and may include physical activities such as stretching, using weights and using equipment/machines.

  • When participating in activity/exercise you are likely to experience different levels of intensity over varying lengths of time. As a result you may experience quicker breathing patterns and become hot, as well as feelings of awkwardness depending on your experience or level of fitness.

  • Each part of the activity/exercise you participate in will be fully explained and you are strongly advised to ask questions if you are not clear about anything.

  • If you experience pain or dizziness during an exercise session you should stop what you are doing and consult a medical professional.

  • If you injure yourself in any way during an exercise session you should inform your Pilates instructor immediately.

  • If following a Pilates session on-line with Alison King please ensure your environment is safe and there is space to perform all movements.

  • No liability for injury or death will be accepted unless caused directly by negligence of your Pilates instructor.

  • Payment for all group classes and 1-1 sessions must be received prior to the scheduled class/session start date to ensure your place. Once payment has been taken there are no refunds or credits for missed sessions.

  • Group classes are usually run in blocks of approximately 6 weeks. Classes cannot be carried over into a new term. If you miss a class within a term, a credit cannot be provided but all reasonable effort will be made to offer a catch up class within the same block of classes if space allows.

  • Please note that for on-line classes there can be no swaps or credits for classes missed.


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